Alternative Dispute Resolution

Within Kelly, Remmel & Zimmerman is the Center for Conflict Resolution. As part of the Center for Conflict Resolution, KRZ’s attorneys provide mediation, facilitation, arbitration, and collaborative law services, as well as a myriad of other services in which we serve as impartial dispute resolvers- such as case evaluation, facilitation for workplace conflicts, policy analysis and development, and guardian ad litem services. We are also available to provide training and consulting about dispute resolution.

We offer a private and relaxed setting where parties can efficiently and effectively work with our professionals towards consensus at a reasonable cost. We will work in joint sessions or in private caucuses, depending on the needs of the parties and the nature of the case.

Our law firm offers alternative dispute resolution services to families, businesses, insurance adjusters, professionals and others. We provide services to represented and unrepresented parties, and we handle multi-party disputes or cases where professionals and experts may already be involved and may be needed for resolution.

Because of our combined experience in court, training in different areas of the law, and heightened sensitivity to the needs of different disputants, we are able to assist parties in being heard, while at the same time introducing them to the risks of proceeding with litigation. This approach regularly results in practical, viable, and sustainable solutions.

Meet Your Alternative Dispute Resolution Practitioners

Lauri Boxer-Macomber

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Timothy H. Norton

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U. Charles Remmel, II

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Barry Zimmerman

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