KRZ Lawyers make Presentation to Maine Harbormasters

R. Terrance Duddy and Timothy Steigelman, attorneys at Kelly Remmel & Zimmerman, gave a presentation on state and federal law to the Maine Harbormasters Association. Their presentation covered a wide range of legal issues that a Harbormaster may face on the waterfront, from town ordinances, to personal civil and criminal liability, and abandoned property and marine salvage.

Harbormasters are municipal officials who manage their town waterfronts, with duties including harbor management, mooring and dockage management, and assisting in emergencies on the water. Harbormasters are required by state law to take an annual training course. The KRZ advanced law presentation was part of the Harbormasters’ annual training course, and will help the Harbormasters better manage their waterfronts.

The State of Maine Harbormasters Association is an organization of Harbormasters from throughout the state of Maine. KRZ is a law firm in Portland, Maine that pursues a wide civil practice, including admiralty and maritime law.