KRZ Bike Lawyer Lauri Boxer-Macomber Weighs In On Velo News Piece: What to do if an Uber Driver Hits You

With Uber, Lyft, and other ride share and ride hail companies increasingly operating on Maine’s roadways, Maine bicyclists need to know what to do if they are “doored” by an Uber or Lyft passenger, hit by a ride hail/share operator, or involved in a bike crash, bike collision or bike “accident” caused by someone working for one of these companies.  In this recent piece published in Velo News, KRZ’s Lauri Boxer-Macomber and other members of the National Bike Law Netwok discuss insurance and liability issues and offer some helpful tips for bicyclists.  Read more here:

Legally Speaking: What to do if an Uber driver hits you