Beth Webster and Pam Pillsbury Retire After Seven Combined Decades of Service

Over the past twelve months, KRZ celebrated the outstanding careers and retirements of long-term professional staff members Beth Webster and Pam Pillsbury. Both Beth and Pam joined KRZ shortly after its inception in 1980 and remained vital members of the KRZ family for the entirety of their careers until their well-deserved retirements.

Pam Pillsbury joined KRZ in 1985 and served as a Legal Assistant to several attorneys over the course of 34 years until her retirement in April 2019. Beth Webster joined KRZ in 1983 and served as Office Administrator for 37 years until her retirement in March 2020.

Our professional staff is one of the greatest assets of the firm. Pam and Beth are the epitomes of our exemplary professional staff members at KRZ.  The entire firm thanks Pam and Beth for their immeasurable contributions and seven combined decades of dedicated service to KRZ and our clients.  We wish Pam and Beth the very best in their retirements.