KRZ’s Maritime Attorneys Published by American Bar Association

KRZ maritime law attorneys Stephen W. Koerting and Shea H. Watson were recently published in the American Bar Association’s Spring 2021 publication of TYL Magazine.  TYL Magazine is a quarterly print magazine created, published, and distributed nationwide by the ABA to help young lawyers take command of their careers and develop their professional identities. The Spring 2021 publication of the TYL Magazine focuses on niche and less common practice areas across the country. In their article titled “Navigating the Practice of Maritime Law,” Attorney Koerting and Attorney Watson provide insight and guidance to young lawyers across the country about the subject and practice of admiralty and maritime law based on their experience as admiralty lawyers in Maine, New England, and beyond.

If you have a maritime law issue or question, contact Attorney Koerting, Attorney Watson, and KRZ’s team of maritime law attorneys today.