Lauri Boxer-Macomber Speaks on Bicycle Law & Policy

Lauri Boxer-Macomber was recently a featured speaker on bicycle law at the Maine Trial Lawyers Association’s winter continuing legal education program. Lauri offered an overview of important considerations for attorneys doing intake and discovery on bicycle cases, as well as discussed recent bicycle cases in the media and courts. She also gave an update on 2014-2015 legislative and advocacy efforts designed to protect bicyclists and other vulnerable users in Maine.

KRZ Sponsors Spurwink Humanitarian Dinner

KRZ was a Sponsor at the recent Spurwink Humanitarian Dinner. Timothy Norton (Partner), Karen Norton, Julius Ciembroniewicz (Of Counsel), Michael Duddy (Partner), Barry Zimmerman (Partner), Judy Stevens, Jennifer Duddy, Janie Zimmerman, Graydon Stevens (Partner) and Elisa Boxer all attended the dinner.

Jennifer Archer was elected Chair of the Maine Board of Bar Examiners

Jennifer Archer was elected Chair of the Maine Board of Bar Examiners on September 24, 2014. The Maine Board of Bar Examiners was created by the Supreme Judicial Court pursuant to 4 M.R.S. § 801 for the purposes of “designing, administering and passing judgment on examinations taken by those individuals seeking admission to the bar,” and its procedural, administrative and budgetary actions are deemed to be actions of the Supreme Judicial Court. The Board’s nine members are appointed by the Governor on the recommendation of the Supreme Judicial Court.

Attorney Mike Duddy Helps Physician Client Retain Speciality Board Certification

Specialty board certification is a core requirement for many physicians these days. Loss of specialty board certification can lead to loss of medical staff membership and loss of employment. Specialty board certification is jeopardized when a physician goes through disciplinary proceeding with a state board of licensure. Attorney Mike Duddy recently helped a physician retain specialty board certification despite going through a disciplinary proceeding.